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        上海制造業新訊 Shanghai Manufacturing News
        點擊率:2606  作者:安泊頓船舶設備(上海)有限公司  來源:http://www.3125209.com  時間:2022-04-06 13:41:49


        On March 29, the official website of Shanghai Municipal People's government officially released several policies and measures of Shanghai to fight the epidemic and help enterprises promote development (hereinafter referred to as policies and measures). A total of 21 measures are proposed from the aspects of supporting winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation, reducing the burden of various enterprises, increasing financial support, doing a good job in assisting enterprises and stabilizing posts, supporting the recovery and development of difficult industries, and maintaining the stability and order of production and life in the city.


        The policies and measures are clear, and the local finance will provide subsidies and support for the epidemic prevention and killing expenses of qualified enterprises; Provide temporary subsidies to front-line anti epidemic personnel; Offer condolences to front-line workers in epidemic prevention and control, especially medical personnel, community workers, public security police, material support and production front-line workers.


        Implement the large-scale tax rebate policy and clarify the implementation of value-added tax credit measures. Focus on supporting the manufacturing industry. For enterprises in the manufacturing industry, scientific research and technical service industry, power, heat, gas and water production and supply industry, software and information technology service industry, ecological protection and environmental governance industry, transportation, storage and postal industry, the stock tax allowance will be refunded in full before the end of 2022, and the incremental tax allowance will be refunded in full on a monthly basis from April 1, 2022.



        The policies and measures are clear. We will strengthen the tax reduction and fee reduction policies, extend a number of preferential tax policies, extend the policy of delaying the payment of some taxes and fees by small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in the manufacturing industry implemented in the fourth quarter of 2021 for another six months, and continue the added credit policy of value-added tax in the service industry. At the same time, the time limit for filing and paying taxes shall be extended.



        The policies and measures are clear. We will implement policies to stabilize and expand posts, such as training subsidies, entrepreneurship support and return of trade union funds, encourage enterprises to carry out vocational skills training for employees, carry out various online vocational training related to the main business of the unit for employees actually employed by various enterprises and social organizations affected by the epidemic, and give online vocational training subsidies in accordance with the regulations. Support and standardize the development of new forms of employment, rely on the public recruitment platform, provide accurate services for employers and job seekers, and efficiently promote the matching of people and posts; Further standardize the development of new forms of employment and support employers to adopt shared employment and other modes.



        In addition, the policy measures also propose to provide financial support to enterprises from the aspects of strengthening financing guarantee support, implementing interest discount policy for difficult enterprises, increasing inclusive financial support, promoting fee reduction and profit transfer of financial institutions and giving full play to the role of insurance risk guarantee.

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